Apr. 30, 2020

Little brown jugs?

This was to be an image of tinted spurge, which was fun to see for the first time on the 4/20 trip to Ohio. After my return, I noticed the leaves at the bottom. Sure looks like little brown jugs, a species not found in Ohio, but one that gets very close across that river. How could I not have seen this!? Very frustrating! What to do? I contacted Jim McCormac (http://jimmccormac.blogspot.com/) who does the website Ohio Birds and Biodiversity. He's in Columbus, and volunteered to check. But it was frustrating. So another trip to Ohio. The plant turned out to be early leaves of white lettuce. But it was a great trip, with Jim generously showing me a wonderful day. Thanks Jim! Now you get more Ohio over the next ten days or so.