Jun. 12, 2020

At Ives

On that day's trek at Ives, I was looking for the newest species found in the preserve. Professor Crail from U of Toledo had spotted a bladderwort. This is it! It was growing in the wettest, most marly part of the fen. Bladderworts are aquatics that will sometimes grow in mucky places. Those little balls are the bladders. Miraculous little things. They are traps for some of the plant's food. They have flaps that can close as fast as 1/1200 of a second when a small critter ventures in. This food source helps the plants survive in low nutrient places like fens and bogs. So, Utricularia intermedia is number 818 on our list of plants at Ives. Ot maybe it's another species. We will see for sure when the plants are more mature.