Jul. 19, 2020

Mullein foxglove

Mullein foxglove is large and distinctive enough that it is hard to miss. Good thing! That day in Ohio, this Michigan rarity was one of my goals. I knew the exact spot. From Wilderness Preserve I just needed to get down to Blue Creek, take Rt. 125 to RT. 52, and go a little west. The highway department had other ideas. Rt.125 was closed 15 miles from 52. No designated detour, but that road to the south looks likely. Two hours later, after some unmarked forks in the road, I got to Rt. 52. Along the way I had a wonderful wander through Seneca State Forest and other spots, and discovered you just can't miss mullein foxglove. And there were so many other spots worth a pullover. Highway guys, you screwed up in reverse! Thanks!