Aug. 1, 2020

Confirmation bias

First time I looked up mulleins, I got the wrong answer because it was the one I expected. Clear case of confirmation bias. Then yesterday, I was clearing the wisteria shoots away from the air conditioner. Snip, snip! Oops! That looked like another wisteria vine, right up against the other. I really didn't like telling Barb why the AC wasn't running. More confirmation bias, uncomfortably corrected. Next at the grocery store, I was thinking bad thoughts about the lady in front of me at check out. She just stood there while her husband unloaded their very full cart. Then she turned, and had no fingers. Shame on me. Maybe not exactly confirmation bias, but certainly jumping to a bad conclusion. We hear a lot about confirmation bias these days in discussion of varying political views. After yesterday, I have a somewhat better understanding of how a clouded lens can lead you in a different direction. But the AC is back on now, and I'VE got it all right. Don't I?