Aug. 22, 2020

Carol's place

Carol has passed, and her remarkable property has passed into other hands. The fellow the family sold to is adamant that he doesn't want intruders on his property. So we will take a look at the dozen endangered, threatened or special concern plants, and other rarities that grow there, for the last time. This one is Davis' sedge, of which I don't have a flowering image. It is a special concern species in Michigan. These seed pods are called perigynia, and contain one grain each. Perigynia are required for identification of sedge. With Davis' sedge, they are sometimes slightly fuzzy. You might find it impossible to identify those plants in older keys. Davis' welcomes you to the property, growing in profusion alonf the walk in. Farther along, right about now, one could see Virginia water-horehound, today's wildflower.