Dec. 13, 2020

Long lost treasures

The last day on the reef, I found a cone a lot like this marble cone, but four or five inches long. That and the other treasures of the morning went into a bag, and ultimately into a carry on. We were heading out. When we got to the next stop we would get them boiled, and tease the critters out like escargot. In those days, you taxied to the end of the runway, put on the brakes, and revved up your pistons. Listening for a bad one? That time they heard one, and we spent the night in a hotel while they worked. Half way to the next stop that engine stopped. We spent that night in a airline rest while they changed the engine. At the next fuel stop it needed tuning. Several more hours waiting. We got to the next destination three days from our start. My treasures had spent that time in the plane hold, in tropical temps. I drew the assignment of holding that bag out the taxi window, then throwing it, withall those cooked treasures in the first water course we came to. So now we only have this little inch-and-a-half cone.