Jan. 10, 2021

Family traditions

This would have been a picture of a cumin flower, but turns out I don't have one. I was at the grocery early yesterday. Not long after my return, my daughter was cooking. "Where's the cumin?" Tradition #1, not checking the recipe to see if you have what you need. Bob, "I threw it out last week. The date on the bottom was 2017." Tradition #2, outdated containers. Coincidentally, curry powder had been on my list that first trip. Guess what was right next to that on the store spice rack. Back to the store. Tradition #3, Bob comes home with the wrong stuff. "This is whole, not powdered" Actually, this time it really was all they had. Good excuse, but unfortunately not traditionally accepted. Not to fear, Bob has a solution (tradition #4, although there's some debate about this one). Tradition #5, keeping something for 60 years until we discover a use for it. This chunk of brass has been in the family for at least that long. "Make sure you wash that thing really well!" Tradition number 6, always said by the ladies. Tradition #7, discovering something is a hell of a lot harder to do than expected, even with a serious 20 pound piece of equipment. Those are tough seeds! But finally, tradition #8, a really really yummy supper!