Jun. 5, 2021

Wild plantings?

Have I disparaged planted or "restored" prairies? I suppose so. That's because they blur the lines between gardens and the wild. But so what? I suppose my feelings are because the plantings are often billed as wildflowers, and are often a far cry from something that would be wild in the area where they're planted. These lupines are established in a field near here, the remains of a "wildflower" seed packet someone threw in there years ago. They're pretty wild now. The species is native to the west coast. My feelings aside, I know such plantings can be a very good thing. The Nature Conservancy does plant restored prairies. They limit the species to seeds collected within 15 miles of the plantings. Others aren't that restrictive, but still do good work returning urban or agricultural land to more natural use. And as with these lupine, bringing more beauty to human habitats.