Apr. 23, 2022


While planning Texas, Iris fulva came to mind. Might I finally see some? A little research revealed that it would be just the right season. And then much more was revealed. Louisiana iris! There is a group of species generally called Louisiana iris. They aren't all limited to Louisiana, and a couple don't grow there. But that would be the epicenter - the one best place to go. Particularly since two of them are limited to southern Louisiana. And it's right on the way to Texas! One of the features of this group is that they all interbreed, producing some very exotic results. They are now very popular among gardeners, particularly with the Society for Louisiana Irises. This one seems to be a cross between I. nelsonii and I. giganticaerulea, growing with those parents in Palmetto Island State Park. Those parents are the two species limited to Louisiana.