May. 23, 2022

Tripping again

Out the door at five and headed to Kentucky. Lady-slippers were the goal, but there's always targets of opportunity. Umbrella magnolia was blooming in southern Ohio. Saw this one only because I was looking for passing flowers and missed the detour sign. Lady-slippers were in northern Kentucky, and difficult to spot. After an extended search I found someone else who knew where they were. Thanks, Adam! The day ended with a failed search for puttyroot orchids. Hard to spot those little leafless flowers in the dark down pore of a precocious storm. But I can't really blame the weatherman's time guessing. By the time I headed into the woods I could tell what was happening. So, early success and late adventure. On the long drive back I decided there wouldn't be any more one-day trips like that. The day after I was planning the next one. Matelea here we come!